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Block Making machine Price

  1, New technology: Our company patented technology of the vibration system, the maximum excitation acceleration of 30G powerful motivation, more than the national standard, it can produce high fidelity, high strength, high density of unburned brick and other products. Standard brick hour output reached 16000-185000 block, large-scale waste-based enterprises the best choice for large-scale production of high quality products.

  2, A multi-purpose machine: Just replace the different touch can produce a variety of products, such as standard bricks, blocks, pavers, etc., truly a multi-purpose machine.

  3, Less power consumption: Because only the hydraulic station in the operation of long-term operation of the motor, the other motors are instantaneous operation.

  4, The production speed: As a result of the use of large displacement hydraulic station, combined with a reasonable pressure and vibration and host forming and automatic storage simultaneously, so the mold fast landing, pressure swing time is short, high yield.

  5, Fine workmanship: Die by professional technicians Seiko manufacture, geometric size standards, coupled with advanced pressure, vibration technology, product pressure after molding, high density, greatly improving the product's compressive strength, bending strength.

  6, Easy to operate: many aspects of the machine operation process by the electronic CNC automatically, so the machine only one simple operation, and easy maintenance.

  7, One-time palletizing: Due to the superior performance of the whole machine, the raw materials are widely used and less water is added in the production process, and can still be normally produced under the condition of low temperature. The annual production cycle of brick-free brick production line equipment is relatively extended, Produced by the product density, bending, high compressive strength, after the output of unburned brick curing immediately automatic palletizing, without sintering, saving labor costs, do not have a lot of space occupied, thus greatly reducing production costs.


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